It's been a while since we've heard from Children of Bodom, but drummer Jaska Raatikainen has checked in with a Facebook update, letting fans know that the recording of their next album is starting immediately.

The musician stated, "Today we had the last rehearsals before entering the studio tomorrow to record drums for the new album. Last two days have been quite intensive. Playing the songs over and over again, lots of f----ups and broken drumsticks, sweating, frustration, coffee and what have you, a little bit of arranging all that s---."

Raatikainen went on to add, "I am convinced that the new songs are great -- a little bit of black metal, heavy metal, old-school death metal, melodies, solos and anything you need to make a nice album. And the most important, new ideas a la Children of Bodom!"

In another update, the drummer served up a 30-second video showing off some of the fun from day one of his tracking. You can watch it here.

Back in late July singer Alexi Laiho revealed that the band were planning on starting work on new material. At the time, he stated, "The new album should be out next year -- early next year -- so hopefully you guys can be patient enough for it to come out."