Congratulations to Finnish metal masters Children of Bodom! The technical metal heroes have won their fourth consecutive Death Match, securing a place in our Death Match Hall of Fame.

Children of Bodom entered this series of Death Matches with 'Scream for Silence,' the band's third single from their 2013 full-length, 'Halo of Blood.' Bodom were able to knock off the Faceless in their first match before making waste of Caliban the next week.

Children of Bodom went on to fight a very close battle against Whitechapel, which saw various lead changes throughout its weeklong poll. Having just edged out the American deathcore act, Children of Bodom collected their fourth and final victory over instrumental metal titans Animals as Leaders.

We declare 'Scream for Silence' immortal in our Death Match Hall of Fame, which can also be experienced on our official YouTube channel. Congrats once again to Children of Bodom! Listen to 'Scream for Silence' in the video below!

Children of Bodom, 'Scream for Silence'