Lamb of God / Megadeth drummer Chris Adler was a recent guest on the Eddie Trunk Podcast, and the mega-talented stickman spoke about a bunch of topics. In the interview, Adler hints at a North American Megadeth / Lamb of God tour where he'll pull double duty, gives his honest opinion of Megadeth's recent albums. and offers his take on why metalheads tend to take shots at Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine.

Though the last couple of Megadeth records were admittedly not Adler's favorite, he spoke about the respect he had for Megadeth in following their creative direction at the time. "They were not my favorite Megadeth records, but I think it's great that that band has been able to do those things — whatever they wanted to do — and not try to please everybody, and it's not gonna be the same every single time," Adler said before detailing his experience working with Megadeth on Dystopia. "It was super intimidating for me to come in and do that, because [Dave Mustaine is] my hero. Now, the big thing was none of the material was stinker stuff. I mean, the guy is writing amazing stuff just all day long; in his sleep he's writing better riffs than… well, the whole world."

Megadeth and Lamb of God will rock the U.K. together in November, but the bill may not stop there. "There is talk of having us do a North American run together early next year, so I'd be doing it every night," Adler revealed. "I'm carb-loading before the show. I have been working really, really hard over the past probably 10 years to keep myself in shape. What I try to do is about a 10-mile run every day, and then I play the Lamb of God show. So I figure those two things together are probably gonna equal what I do with these guys."

As for reports that Dave Mustaine is difficult to work with, Adler states: "I think people like to pick on Dave, because it's easy to pick on the king. This is the guy, for me, that created this whole thing, so it's always easy to pick on the guy at the top." [via Blabbermouth]

Megadeth's 15th studio album, Dystopia, will see a Jan. 22, 2016, release date.

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