Exactly one week after the ISIS attacks in Paris, Fozzy played Vauréal, a suburb of Paris, to a crowd who most certainly needed some relief in the form of pure heavy metal. Many artists have paid tribute to those who lost their lives in the attacks and Chris Jericho commanded the crowd to take part in a unique tribute that stays true to the genre.

The hulking frontman spoke briefly about the attacks and told the crowd, "Instead of a minute of silence, we want to do a minute of noise for everybody that lost their lives last week in the true spirit of rock 'n' f---king roll." The audience roared for the entire 60 seconds without a dip to be heard in the noise level. When the minute is complete, Jericho screamed "Yeah! That was good; that feels good, right!?" and was again met with a roar from the packed venue.

Bands have been canceling French tour dates and entire European tours for a variety of reasons stemming from the attacks that happened in the nation's capital city on Nov. 13. One of the attacks occurred at the Bataclan theater where Eagles of Death Metal were playing. When gunfire broke out, the band ran off stage and successfully escaped the venue. Their merch guy Nick Alexander was not as fortunate as the band and was one of 89 lives claimed in the Bataclan attack.

Multi-instrumentalist Josh Homme was not performing with Eagles of Death Metal on their European tour and was not present at the time of the attack. His charity organization the Sweet Stuff Foundation will see all its donations redirected towards the families of the victims through the end of the year. To make a donation, click here.