Corey Taylor and Ozzy Osbourne are set to make a big announcement later today (May 12), but Loudwire Nights host Toni Gonzalez happened to catch up with Corey recently at Live Nation's National Concert Day, and he shared the story of the first time he met Ozzy.

As Taylor recalls, it was Ozzfest '99 and Slipknot were on the bill thanks to Ozzy's son Jack, who championed the band and convinced his mom Sharon to include them on the trek. Taylor was sitting at a table with Sharon, Jack and some his Slipknot bandmates when Ozzy came over. After an introduction by Sharon, Ozzy said, "Oh, you're in Slipknot? There's nine people, right?" But the best part is the punchline, which we'll let you watch in the video interview above.

Stay tuned for the big announcement from Ozzy Osbourne and Corey Taylor later today. In the meantime, enjoy our interview with Taylor above, and pick up tickets for Slipknot's summer tour with Marilyn Manson here.

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