Slipknot fans will get a late Halloween present this year when the masked marauders unleash a three-disc, 10th anniversary edition of 'Iowa' on Nov. 1. Singer Corey Taylor recently spoke at length about the platinum-certified disc, which originally dropped on Aug. 28, 2001, and transformed Slipknot from up-and-coming heroes in their home state of Iowa to international stars.

"'Iowa' is an example of how we succeeded and failed on so many f---ing levels," he says. "It's the darkest f---ing album I've ever heard. It's gross, it's thick, it's brutal, it's heavy as s--t. It's the f---ing only album I've ever heard where you can wear it like it a skin, you can wear it like clothes, you can put it on like hunting boots. It's disgustingly f---ing heavy and dark."

F---ing yeah, Taylor. Tell us more about it.

"Everything that we were feeling and everything we were doing went into that album," he continues. "Every chemical" -- and we're guessing there were lots of chemicals involved -- "every f---ing drop of every insane thing that we were feeling or hurting about went into that album. It's to this day the darkest period of my f---ing life. If I hadn't been able to go there, it wouldn't sound nearly as real."

That's some heavy f---king s--t, for real.

The 10th anniversary edition of ‘Iowa’ will include the album as originally released, plus a remix of ‘My Plague’; a CD of the full audio from a 2002 performance at the London Arena (which was featured on their ‘Disasterpieces’ DVD); and a DVD containing ‘Goat,’ a new film directed by Slipknot percussionist Shawn “Clown” Crahan that features never-before-seen interviews and live footage from the ‘Iowa’ world tour. The DVD also will also contain four Slipknot videos: the ‘My Plague’ and ‘Left Behind’ videos, plus live versions of  ‘The Heretic Anthem’ and ‘People = S—.'

Happy f---ing Halloween, Maggots.