Courtney Love is back working on music and her latest effort will reportedly be released under her own name rather than as Hole, though she's still working with a full band. Love spoke with about her current musical pursuits and revealed a pair of song titles and a potential moniker for her upcoming studio album in the process.

“I have two excellent songs, and I have two new really good songs, and I’d rather just release the two excellent songs -- like an old-school single," says Love. “The first song, ‘Wedding Day,’ is impeccably great as a slab of really raw rock with an insane hook. The second song is called ‘California’ -- clearly a leitmotif. I’ve written ‘Malibu,’ ‘Pacific Coast Highway’ and ‘Sunset Strip,’ so if I want to call something ‘California,’ it had better be good.”

Though her full band is still together, Love has decided to pursue her next disc under her own name to stop the drama that has come with using Hole. She explained, “My name symbolizes a lot of things, and I have to sit in these rooms with lawyers and be called a ‘brand’ often, so I was just like, ‘F---ing name it after me!’ I don’t care.” The singer also revealed she attempted to add another female to the band, but was unsuccessful after a Craigslist ad for a female bassist only netted one response.

As she continues to work on new music, Love offered a potential album title. She explained, “I’m thinking of maybe naming my f---ing album ‘Died Blonde,’ because I’m in such a morbid space. You know what I mean? It’s not that I’m unhappy. And it’s certainly not that I’m crazy. It’s just that I know all this s---, and I don’t know what to do with it.”

Love will find another outlet for her music in late June when she returns to the concert stage. The singer has revealed a number of East Coast shows and the itinerary can be seen here.