In desperate need of some funk? If you drop by Los Angeles' Viper Room, they might have some to spare as Crobot filled the intimate club with more than enough funk Thursday night (Sept. 4). The groove could be felt through the floorboards, with the low end likely rocking those passing by the Sunset Strip venue.

The Pennsylvania-based four-piece showed that they know their way around a groove during the hour-long set, winning over the crowd in the process. The opened with the 'The Legend of the Spaceborne Killer,' one of their more familiar tracks and made maximum usage of the tiny stage. Bassist Jake Figueroa and frontman Brandon Yeagley delivered some boundless energy with some hair flips and dance moves, while Chris Bishop was more intent in vibing off some killer licks.

After getting the audience sufficiently rocked, Yeagley told the crowd, "We take that funk with us wherever we go." While the show remained high energy, there were certain songs that took it to another level. The initially haunting but later rocking 'La Mano De Lucifer' included such killer licks that at one point, Bishop was brought to his knees.

The recent single 'Nowhere to Hide' brought a big reaction, while 'The Wizard' found Yeagley, Bishop, Figueroa and drummer Paul Figueroa rocking to the heavy beat in unison at one point. The set ended up on a heavy high note with 'Necromancer,' 'El Chupacabra' and the show-closing 'Fly on the Wall' finishing out the night.

Crobot are currently on the road and have several more U.S. dates before heading overseas. Check out their full itinerary here. And look for the band's 'Something Supernatural' album in stores Oct. 28.