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Metallica are asking fans to be a part of their upcoming 3D movie, and in return are offering $5 tickets to one of their concert. See how you could be in the film here. [Loudwire]

Iron Maiden continue to support former drummer Clive Burr and his battle against multiple slerosis. Learn more about the band's efforts in helping their onetime bandmate. [Loudwire]

Wes Borland talks in detail about next Limp Bizkit album, life without Dj Lethal + more. Check out Loudwire's exclusive interview. [Loudwire]

Paul McCartney gives fans a chance to mix his songs with 'Rude Studio' app. [Ultimate Classic Rock]

Check out this comprehensive list of rockers who have joined the '27 club' by passing away at age 27. []

Fozzy's new album 'Sin and Bones' debuts at #1 on the Billboard Heatseekers Chart. [Rock Music Report]