Cradle of Filth singer Dani Filth offered a few new updates about his Temple of the Black Moon super group, which also features a member of Anthrax. The band is almost finished with 11 tracks, with Filth working on two others. He shared some song titles – we're most interested in hearing 'Last of the Vampire Playboys' and 'Don't Call Up What You Can't Put Down,' based on their names alone.

The Filthy one told Brave Words that the band is gearing up for a trip to the studio once the business end of things are sifted through, saying, "We plan to get into the studio soon as we can sort out a managerial position basically. We’re all ready to go and the whole idea really is to try and get into the studio and do parts even before the Cradle album is done. So hopefully March for me, in order that we, as a band can get in and do some summer festivals as well."

He then admitted that an album title has not yet been selected, but the members are mulling it over. "We haven’t decided on an album title yet, but there are plenty of suggestions," he said. "It’s pretty weird. If you can imagine the bands that everybody is in, it’s like a collision of those totally.”

He also offered another, more detailed update, included song titles and what it was like tracking in Norway while living in a house with several people and dealing with a log jam when it came time to use the bathroom in the morning. He also shared some seedy details about a bar crawl, too!

Here is the entirety of his posting:

Long time dead my dear friends.

Welcome to the Temple of the Black Moon, wherein all your desires and deepest darkest fantasies become terrifying reality at the press of a stereo button.

I'm writing to you now to let you in on exactly what is brewing with this band and the bunch of hellish reprobates contained therein. I, Dani Filth, third in line to the Baronet of Hades, have just returned from a week in Bergen, Norway, where TOTBM have been ensconced in a studio (which is simultaneously working on the new God Seed album, I hasten to add), putting the spit and polish to the album's worth of music we've written.

Thus far we have the following titles to confirm, with a further couple of corkers steaming down the pipeline soon: 'Beautifully Perverse', 'Into The Void', 'Don't Call Up What You Can't Put Down', 'Infernal Desire Machine', 'Alchemy, Myself And I', 'Dark Eyes For Trouble', 'C.N.T (All That's Missing Is You)', 'Persephone', 'Last of the Vampire Playboys', 'Another Dead Thing Between Us' and 'Catch.'

Everything is sounding great and we are hoping to secure management (we're in the midst of discussions) and then a record deal in the foreseeable future, though no names can be uttered yet… I'm an absolute bugger when it comes to jinxes!

My time in Bergen was a riot. I was lodging at Tom's with Geir and Rob as well as Tom's American girlfriend Stefanie which proved a bit of a pile-up when it came to using the bathroom every morning! Actually that's baring in mind that we didn't actually see the morning all week ,save for the very last day when we had to pack down the gear early before Rob's flight. After long stretches in the studio analysing music, playing music or reading old copies of European metal mags, (plus the nights spent downstairs from the studio at The Garage rock bar, or at various people's apartments partying), the mornings became obsolete almost overnight!

Still, we managed to squeeze in some national press , including radio and a double spread in a national daily newspaper, plus we also managed a studio report with Metal Hammer Germany, playing the journalist Gunnar six demo tracks to whet his salubrious appetite.

Highlights of the trip had to be the Friday night bar crawl (Rob getting locked outside the flat and not waking anyone until 10 in the morning, so okay, he got to see the dreadful hours), hearing Tom's demons for real, the marathon wine drinking evening Saturday night, hanging out with a famous Norwegian actor called Helge Jordal and hooking up with friends from God Seed, Dimmu Borgir, Enslaved, Susperia, Taake, Battalion, Immortal and Sahg to name but a smattering. Oh, and watching the other guys (Geir, Rob, Tom and Ice Dale) handling backing vocal duties to proper comedic effect! They actually sound great though….

So that's it for the time being fellow night owls. As up to date as it can possibly be. And hopefully next time I put gob to paper I will hopefully have news of an impending studio date, sample lyrics and even perhaps some demo material to air.

How incredibly exciting!"