Earlier this month it was revealed that Dave Grohl would be delivering a "special performance" for the 2016 Oscar ceremony. Now we can reveal that the performance was a stirring rendition of the Beatles' "Blackbird" during the In Memoriam segment.

The Foo Fighters vocalist sat center stage with a solitary spotlight on him strumming his acoustic guitar as he delivered the somber song. But soon the attention turned to the screen above him where the images of Hollywood actors, writers, directors and support staff who have died over the past year scrolled by. Among the familiar faces for rock fans were David Bowie and Metallica: Some Kind of Monster filmmaker Bruce Sinofsky.

During Grohl's performance, he was backed by an orchestra who beautifully filled the space when the vocalist was not signing. See video of the performance below.

It should also be noted that Grohl's appearance was not the only rock and metal sighting of Oscar night. During the introductions in the Best Adapted Screenplay category, a scene was shown of Christian Bale playing drums to Pantera in The Big Short as the stage direction was shown for the scene.

Dave Grohl Performs "Blackbird" During 2016 Oscar Ceremony

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