Would it surprise you to hear that Dave Grohl is considered a good luck charm? The Foo Fighters rocker accomplished a lot of things in 2014; he welcomed his third daughter, starred alongside his band in an HBO documentary series and released the band’s latest album, ‘Sonic Highways.’ But now, you can add “good omen” to that list.

In an interview with NME, English indie rock band The Cribs, are calling Grohl their lucky rabbit’s foot after he visited them in the studio while they were working on their latest album, ‘For All My Sisters.’ Back in October of 2014, the guys snapped a picture with Grohl and their producer Ric Ocasek (yes, of The Cars) and you can check it out below.

Cribs bassist Gary Jarman explained, "We left to go get pizza and within three minutes we returned with Dave Grohl. We played with him in Ireland and he was like, 'The Cribs? I love you guys!' We thought it was a really good omen for the first day of the record - it was just like a rabbit's foot or something."

The Cribs didn’t collaborate with Grohl on their new disc, but we wouldn’t be surprised if some of his sage musical wisdom seeped into their album. Grohl can be a pretty motivational guy. Don’t believe us? Check out what Grohl had to say a while back about modern rock 'n’ roll:

I want to see a dude sweating blood over his instrument he just smashed on the ground. Everybody has that in them sometimes…For me it’s my air, it’s my food, it’s my lifestyle. It’s just what I do. My band is my family and the music we make is our voice. It’s never going to disappear. When I step out at a Foo Fighters gig, either in an arena, club or stadium full of people singing ‘Everlong’ or ‘My Hero’ or ‘Pretender,’ rock and roll is alive and well in my house. I’m sorry that some people might feel starved for it.

The Cribs are set to release ‘For All My Sisters’ in March. Meanwhile, the Foo Fighters are currently touring behind ‘Sonic Highways,’ they play in Bogota, Columbia tomorrow (Jan. 31).

Dave Grohl With the Cribs + Ric Ocasek

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