Everyone hits a breaking point at times when talking about the same subject ad-nauseam, and for Dave Lombardo, the drummer has finally had enough of answering questions about certain Slayer topics.

Maybe Lombardo's revelation came sometime within the past week or so, which is fair, but for someone who is sick and tired of talking about Slayer, Lombardo sure does talk about Slayer a lot. The drummer recently devalued Slayer's upcoming album by saying, "You might as well just pick up the last album. It's nothing new." Lombardo also claims to have worked extensively on the upcoming release, with his drumming parts simply being re-recorded by Paul Bostaph.

Of course, every interviewer who gets some time with Lombardo wants to get in a few Slayer questions, but the answer you get may be similar to what Lombardo launched at RockSverige.se.

After Lombardo answered some questions about his favorite Slayer albums (which turned out to be 'Reign in Blood' and 'World Painted Blood'), and when the band felt more like a business than a brotherhood, Lombardo lashed out after being asked the question, "How do you feel about never playing Slayer songs again? Can you see yourself not doing that?"

Lombardo responded, "Ehhmm… ok, here we go! I answer this f---ing question and next thing you know, Blabbermouth is all, 'He doesn't see himself playing Slayer songs ever again!” and out of the entire f---ing interview, that one f---ing line is taken. I'm not answering it! I'm not gonna answer it because I'm f---ing sick and tired of it. No offense towards you, but it's just so redundant. But you know what? Good press, bad press, I don't give a f---! Just spell my name right! [Laughs] It's all good, but I don't wanna get into that."

As for Dave Lombardo's current project Philm, the band just released its second studio album, 'Fire From the Evening Sun.' To grab a copy, click here. As for Slayer, the thrash legends will soon hit the road with Suicidal Tendencies and Exodus for a string of U.S. tour dates.

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