In just a couple of weeks, the highly anticipated new album from Jane's Addiction, 'The Great Escape Artist,' will be hitting stores. The album marks their first new collection of songs since 2003's 'Strays.'

While guitarist Dave Navarro has been involved with Jane's Addiction for more than half his life, he says the reuniting of the band for the new project was inevitable, seeing how they never really lost touch with each other through the years.

"I've been with this band almost 25 years, and I've worked with all these guys in one way or another over the years on different projects," Navarro tells LA Weekly. "Also, keep in mind we'd done extensive touring with Nine Inch Nails in Europe in 2009. We'd essentially been a working band for two years prior to even thinking about this [new album]. Relationships were well established, and we just went in and did it. It was pretty natural and a lot of that comes from intuition. You gain that by spending a lot of time together."

Navarro says the band needs to produce new music to maintain its relevancy and not just rely on the hits. "I think that another tour just playing 'Mountain Song' and 'Jane Says,' wouldn't be of interest to us, and wouldn't be of interest to anybody else. It's evolve or die. We love playing the old songs, don't get me wrong, but we've added the new stuff, and already it's ignited a sense of urgency and made the flow of the sets feel fresh and new."

As far as the process of creating songs and their sound in the studio on 'The Great Escape Artist,' Navarro says they let things fall into place naturally, as they've always done. "There was a number of ways we went about [recording this album], but that's the way Jane's Addiction's always worked, in terms of not having a formula," he explains. "Some came from jamming, some from working on multi-track ... It's difficult for me to describe a process which is primarily felt."

'The Great Escape Artist' hits stores on Oct. 18. The latest single from the album is 'Irresistible Force.'

Watch the Jane's Addiction 'Irresistible Force' Video