In November of last year, Megadeth drummer Shawn Drover and guitarist Chris Broderick abruptly left the band, leaving the group with only two members, David Ellefson and Dave Mustaine. For the first time since their departures, bassist and co-founder Ellefson is talking about those events.

Ellefson told The Metal Review, “The departure of those guys was pretty sudden, it changed the course of the plan for sure.” He went on to say that they are exploring all of their options when it comes to replacing Drover and Broderick. “Dave and I, let’s just say this, we are investigating all of the opportunities that are out there," says Ellefson. "We’re going to working diligently to get that sewn up because we want to get this new record done and we have some tour work on the books for later in the year.”

You read that correctly -- a new album and tour are in the works for Megadeth. Ellefson told Metal Review, “Rest assured 2015 will be a big year for ramping up Megadeth later on.”

It looks like Drover and Broderick will be as busy as their former Megadeth members this year. Drover just posted on his Facebook page that they, along with their new band's singer Henry Bonner have “picked the name of the band, [are] close to choosing our bass player, [have] selected the artist for the record and are very close to choosing the producer as well.”

Here’s a bonus quote from David Ellefson regarding Drover and Broderick's exit: “The fact that the two of them are going off together and doing something together, I think is cool. Whatever we hear from them next will be something that will truly be them and it won’t have to be done in the confines of a Megadeth setting. Megadeth is very much a focussed type narrow window of what works and what the fans expect to hear and rightfully so…You can get to a certain point in your career and you realize you have things outside of what your band is and it may be a good piece of music but it shouldn’t be used inside of Megadeth.”

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