And now for something completely trippy and all kinds of fun. We're teaming up with Dead Heavens to exclusively bring you the band's brand new video for "Away From the Speed" (watch above).

The clip, directed by Mortis Studio, centers on a green-beret-wearing, acid-wash-jeans-sporting badass female protagonist who fights her way through a club full of red-hooded assailants, kicking ass and taking names along the way. It's all shot in the style of a classic psychedelic '70s action flick and ends with a major confrontation and a cooler-than-cool payoff. As for the song itself, Dead Heavens deliver a highly catchy track, with revved-up supercharged guitars delivering one raucously retro-feeling garage rocker.

While the name Dead Heavens may not initially ring a bell, the band is led by Quicksand and Gorilla Biscuits alum Walter Schreifels with onetime White Zombie guitarist Paul Kostabi, Cults bassist Nathan Aguilar and Youth of Today drummer Drew Thomas filling out the lineup. Together, the foursome pull from elements of hardcore, punk and garage rock on their new album, Whatever Witch You Are.

Schreifels says of the song, "There's just not enough love in the world today. Like idiots, we traded what we had for cheap thrills, fast cars, and fine wine. As the Buddha says, 'If a man can control his mind all wisdom and virtue will come to them' but I just can't keep away from the speed."

Speaking more about their new disc, he adds, "For the full 36 minutes of this record, we want people to be able to embrace this freakishness." The Dead Heavens' Whatever Witch You Are album is available now to purchase in the format of your choosing at this location.

Dead Heavens

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