Death Angel's Mark Osegueda was the guest on Full Metal Jackie’s radio show this past weekend. The powerful vocalist discussed the band’s new album 'The Dream Calls for Blood,' their killer fall tour and the evolution of the band over the years. If you missed Full Metal Jackie’s show, check out her full interview with Mark Osegueda:

It's Full Metal Jackie. Psyched to say I’ve got Death Angel's Mark Osegueda back on the show with us, what's up?

Hey, how you doing? Always good to be on the show. Great talking to you as always.

Really psyched on this new album, comes out in stores Oct. 15 -- 'The Dream Calls for Blood' has got a brutal album cover, looking at the artwork. Kind of like a nightmare.

Oh yeah, we are so excited, this is the most excited that we have been about an album in years. I mean just dying to get on the road and play this stuff live. I mean, the response to this record has been overwhelmingly positive, and we can’t wait to get out there and just force-feed it down people’s faces.

Mark, Florida doesn't seem like the climate for Death Angel. Especially an album so brutally heavy as this one. What made it the right choice? How does location affect the sound of an album?

I think with us, you know, location was key in going back down to Florida because it was working with Jason Suecof. We were very very fond of how 'Relentless Retribution' came out, and we started hearing the tracks you know, the writing for this song. We started hearing what Rob was writing, the riffs, we knew the direction that it was going into was just going to be an intensified version of that. Just even more brutal, and we said, you know, we need to keep up that aggressive nature, and the aggressive style of production.

We knew that Jason was the guy to do it, we were so proud. We fell into how the last one came out, and we knew with the working relationship that we had with him, it was just going to be tenfold on top of that with this new material, and it worked out well. The great thing about us going to Florida is, we are away from home, so we are completely immersed without any distraction at home that would be put upon us.

So many metal bands with so much history are proving themselves incredibly relevant by making new music that's the best of their careers. Testament, Anthrax, Death Angel. Is it experience? Maturity? What is the key ingredient?

I think with us, I mean I can only speak for us, but I think for us, it is just it’s experience, but above that it’s also this hunger. This innocent hunger that still lies within us because we don’t feel that we have reached our goals at all. We don’t feel that enough people know, even in the metal community, know -- maybe they have seen our logo -- but they don’t know of the music that we are capable of. We are still trying to prove ourselves and we are, we plan on doing it viciously.

Death Angel will be on the road with 3 Inches of Blood, Battlecross and Revocation. Obviously a great lineup for this upcoming tour, how tuned are you to new trends in metal? How much Death Angel do you hear in up and coming bands?

Well I definitely try to keep my finger on the pulse of what’s going on, 'cause I learned more of that in the last three years of touring, cause we did a lot of touring with the younger bands. You know, they are doing it right, a lot them are out there doing it properly. So you know I started dialing in, people started turning me on to different bands, I do my research and ones that move me are ones that I store in my memory bank. You know, sometimes I store them on my iPod. When it comes to touring we want to deliver a good package that fans will enjoy, not just us, but will enjoy the whole night and get their money's worth from the moment that they walk in the door.

We definitely have a big say on who we tour with. As far as do I hear certain influences in younger bands and what not? I definitely do, and you know, a lot of times the younger bands will come up to me and let us know how much we’ve influenced them. I think that is going to be the case for a lot of the early thrash bands, but I don’t take it one bit for granted, I take it, I see that as the ultimate compliment. It makes me want to strive harder so that we keep inspiring future metal bands, and even our contemporaries to try harder. We want to raise the bar for our contemporaries from the '80s and for the younger bands now to try to match what we are doing.

Mark, you guys were really young when Death Angel started. What has changed about this band? What's exactly the same?

Definitely the lineup! [laughs] We have Will on drums now and Damian on bass, both powerhouses at what they do. They've lent a lot to this band. We've also really embraced our thrash roots and have gone back to almost really appreciating what we did on the 'Ultra Violence' and took from that and brought that into our contemporary style of playing. Remains the same? The hunger to win people over and to challenge to win people over every night has remained exactly the same. We’re very competitive by nature and we look for a good challenge. We like to think we rise to the occasion every night we hit the stage.

Appreciate you being on the show. What's going on beyond this month of touring?

After that we'll take about a week and a half off then we head over to Europe and do the first leg of our European run. That will run just under a month, then taking time off for the holidays. January we do 70,000 Tons of Metal again. After that, we just start hitting new territories and doing second legs that we didn't hit in North America. Then hopefully get back down to Australia, Asia and South America again.

Good luck with everything.

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