Bay Area thrash veterans Death Angel will be telling their story in the upcoming DVD a thrashumentary that's set for a July 24 release via Nuclear Blast Records. In addition to the documentary, it will also include a live album The Bay Calls for Blood.

“It is with great excitement that I finally get to share this Death Angel news,” says vocalist Mark Osegueda. “a thrashumentary is finally complete and ready for release this summer! The film tells the story of Death Angel from our inception to the present day. With many guest appearances by some of our peers, and contemporaries who happen to be some of the most respected players in the genre. It covers the highs, lows and highs again of the band and the thrash metal movement. A must have for any metal fan!"

Osegueda continues, “The even better news is a thrashumentary will be accompanied by an official live album called The Bay Calls for Blood, which was recorded in our hometown of San Francisco! We are so proud of this recording and performance that we decided to release it as a live Death Angel record! Did I say record? Damn right I did! Because it will also be available separately on limited edition vinyl for all the true metal fans! Bleed for it!!!”

Death Angel formed back in 1982 and released three albums before breaking up. They reunited in 2001 and have released several albums since then, including their latest effort, 2013's The Dream Calls For Blood.

a thrashumentary DVD Chapter Listing:

01. Start
02. We Grew Up in the Bay Area Thrash Scene
03. The Original Lineup of Death Angel
04. Kill as One
05. The Ultra Violence
06. Frolic in the Park
07. Act III
08. The Accident
09. The O
10. Swarm
11. Thrash of the Titans
12. I Like Everything About Ted
13. The Art of Dying
14. Killing Season
15. Relentless Revolution
16. I’m Looking for Will Carroll
17. And Then Damien Came In
18. Relentless Retribution
19. Impressions of Suecof
20. Relentless Touring
21. Thrashers
22. Death Angel Is
23. The Last Song of the Evening
24. Credits

The Bay Calls for Blood Track Listing:

1. "Left for Dead"
2. "Fallen"
3. "Buried Alive"
4. "The Dream Calls for Blood"
5. "Execution / Don't Save Me"
6. "Truce"
7. "Detonate"
8. "Bored"
9. "Caster of Shame"
10. "Territorial Instinct / Bloodlust"