Seattle heavy metal band Demon Hunter have just released a bunch of news all at once. The metal outfit has announced a new album, new tour dates and a new guitarist joining the band.

“This record is without a doubt our most aggressive," proclaims vocalist and co-founder Ryan Clark. "Every Demon Hunter record must be a step up from the last. I know that’s a goal for every band, but it seldom works that way - especially today, especially in metal. It seems like most bands’ prime years are long behind them. I refuse to let that be the case for us."

Demon Hunter strive to stand out from the crowd in this modern time when the Internet and social networking have made bands more accessible than ever.

“We’ve been extremely underwhelmed with metal for the last five years or so, and that’s been the fuel to create this record," says Clark. "With an extreme over-saturation of false, fleeting, trend-hopping noise in today’s metal scene, we had to make something we’ve been longing to hear. Something truly meaningful and artistic. Something our fans would love and something that will turn the heads of those who have ignored us for the past decade.”

Demon Hunter recently added longtime friend Jeremiah Scott as their new guitarist after the departure of Randy Torres in 2011.

The band has also announced two 2012 tour dates for April. One in their hometown of Seattle on April 27 and the other in Kouvola, Finland, on April 30.

Demon Hunter's as-yet-untitled upcoming album is tentatively scheduled for a release this April.