The Devil Wears Prada have not only released their new album ‘Dead Throne’ but the Ohio natives have also released a fun new mobile game called ‘Zombie Slay.’

Prior to the game, the band released their ‘Zombie EP’ last year along with a comic book. In Loudwire's exclusive interview with guitarist Jeremy DePoyster, he tells us that “We’ve always felt that there was so much more we could do with the ‘Zombie EP’ and comic especially when we came up with the concept for the EP right around the time that ‘Zombieland’ movie was coming out and that I think sparked a massive zombie resurgence.”

He continues to say, “Even around that time we had ideas for different stuff which led to the comic book and everything. Dan, our drummer, had the idea to do an app; it’s just a giant field that a lot of bands miss out on and we were missing out on.”

DePoyster wittily adds that the band wanted to bring something different to fans with 'Zombie Slay.' “We didn’t want to do just a generic 'go here and it’ll link to our Twitter' thing, who cares about that, I’m not going to pay a dollar for that. We’re just like we’ll make it a game, the zombie plot is so awesome for a game and we already have the soundtrack to it.”

'Zombie Slay' can be purchased at the iTunes app store for $1.99 here. Stay tuned for Loudwire's full interview with Devil Wears Prada axeman Jeremy DePoyster.