Devour the Day are ready to make a statement with their newly released 'Time & Pressure' album. Former Egypt Central members Joey "Chicago" Walser and Blake Allison are keen on making sure that they present themselves in exactly the way they want and that includes their artwork.

Walser recently spoke with Loudwire about coming up with exactly the right image that they wanted to provide and the lengths they went to in order to get it. The band eventually found the image of the man kneeling to the ground from an artist halfway around the world and Walser says the journey to do so perfectly fits what their band is about.

"It's really just a wonderful example of what the world has become with the power of the Internet and people connecting online," says Walser. "I've been searching for so long and I was looking for an artist myself and I have a specific style and I was really looking for a style that we could attach to ourselves much like Alex Grey is to Tool and other bands. I wanted an artist that as much as they have the sound they have a visual look that goes with the band, and I searched for months through Deviant Art and other up-and-coming artists and it just didn't work and I eventually found this guy, Dmitry Ligay, from Uzbekistan, which is old Russia, and he literally was about as far away as you can get and I just emailed him."

The guitarist reveals that he and Ligay soon began bonding over the band's vision and he knew he'd made the right choice. He recalls, "We started talking concepts of the record and he sent me the original print and it just blew me away. He's so young and he's so talented and I just felt it was a continuation of the idea that everything was meant to be. We were finally branded by someone who connected with our music through his visual art so clearly and it was just a blessing."

He concludes, "We just got really lucky on that one. And I'm just glad we took the time to search out into the world to find which art really matched and I think it's a beautiful thing that it came from all the way across the Earth."

Devour the Day's 'Time & Pressure' album is in stores now and can be ordered here.