Devour the Day are about to re-emerge with new music in 2016. In an interview with Louder Music (seen above), the duo of Blake Allison and Joey "Chicago" Walser revealed that their upcoming set will be titled SOAR.

Speaking about the title, Joey Chicago stated, "It's an acronym for what we feel has been the most true description of the way we've been living our lives -- suffer, overcome and recover -- and as band members of our former band and whatever success we had fell apart, having to literally come through that and also having to go through one of the hardest years of our lives personally, this just seemed to be the motivation that we needed."

The disc will consist of 10 songs and it's expected to arrive via Razor & Tie early in 2016. The band worked on the effort with producer Dan Korneff. As for the goal of the new disc, Allison stated, "I think the idea was to go bigger, stronger, faster, louder, more thoughtful, harder." Devour the Day hit the charts earlier this year with a song called "Faith." It is not known if the track was meant to serve as a bridge between discs or if it will be included on SOAR when the album arrives.

Keep an eye out for new music from Devour the Day coming soon. The band is currently touring and will hit the Aftershock and Knotfest festivals this weekend. Catch them on tour into early November at these locations.