Disturbed may be on hiatus from music, but frontman David Draiman certainly isn't on hiatus from tweeting. The singer has seemingly been answering every question his fans are asking him via his Twitter page. One of his answers was the title of the band's upcoming B-sides disc -- 'The Lost Children.'

Draiman is apparently so fond of tweeting that he is answering questions on behalf of other artists. One person asked, "I have a question about a song of [Marilyn] Manson, the song is called 'Disassociative' … can u explain to me what the word does mean?" Draiman promptly answered, "Disassociatives are psychotropic drugs that can have hallucinogenic effects. They allow you to retreat from association."

Draiman also answered a question asking what his favorite Three Days Grace song is. It's 'I Hate Everything About You,' in case you were curious. He also is tweeting about topics as wide-ranging as his upcoming wedding and President Obama's new tax plan. To keep up with Draiman's latest tweets, check out his Twitter page here.

Earlier this summer, Disturbed announced they were going on an indefinite hiatus following the Rockstar Mayhem tour. 'The Lost Children' will feature B-sides and rarities from the band.