Why should KISS and Vince Neil have all the fun? They already have Arena Football League teams, and over the past few weeks we've imagined other hard rock acts having their own football teams. These competitors have been laying it on the line over the last few weeks, bringing the heavy and taking on all comers in the Hard Rock Football League. And now both Loudwire and Ultimate Classic Rock have their representatives in the Hard Rock Football Championship.

Representing Loudwire in the Hard Rock Football Championship will be Disturbed's Chicago Sickness. Hailing from the Windy City, these Monsters of the Midway stepped inside the fire to take out Godsmack's Boston Voodoo in the first matchup. Then, they unleashed their warrior spirit on Slipknot's Iowa Maggots in the second round and set free all kinds of hell on the Slayer's L.A. Blood. Where will this perfect insanity end? Perhaps in a Hard Rock Football Championship as their fans raise ten thousand fists in the air while getting down with the sickness to support this seemingly indestructible team.

Their opponent will be the Ultimate Classic Rock champion, the Motorhead Motorheads. Their road to the Hard Rock Football Championship found them enjoying another perfect day as they took out the Van Halen Eruptions in the first round. They unleashed their iron fist on Rush's The Rush, then they hammered Iron Maiden's Troopers to advance to the championship. And as they reach the Hard Rock Football Championship, it'd be a crying shame for them if they don't take home the title. They're ready to rock out, are born to raise hell and they plan on leaving here with the Hard Rock Football Championship trophy.

So tell us who you want to win -- Disturbed's Sickness or the Motorhead's Motorheads? Vote for your favorite in the poll below. You can vote once per hour through the deadline of Tuesday, Sept. 30 at 8AM ET.

Loudwire's Hard Rock Football League Bracket:

Ultimate Classic Rock's Hard Rock Football League Bracket: