The Hard Rock Football League is looking for its first champ, and some of rock and metal's biggest acts representing their respective cities in a playoff-like competition. A pair of Midwestern heavyweights have moved on to square off against each other as Disturbed's Chicago Sickness will take on Slipknot's Iowa Maggots.

It turned out the Godsmack's Boston Voodoo was more like bad magick as Disturbed's Chicago Sickness rolled to victory in their first matchup. Disturbed's Sickness had plenty of reason to believe they could win as they spotted ten thousand fists in the air showing their support. But does this indestructible outfit have what it takes to advance to the next round?

All hope was not gone for Slipknot when the Iowa Maggots squared off against the Five Finger Death Punch Las Vegas Knuckleheads. They left behind the competition, snuffing out any possible chance 5FDP had at victory. Now, Slipknot are hoping to leave Disturbed with some dead memories. It's time to wait and bleed for the Iowa Maggots as they attempt to move on in the Hard Rock Football League.

These two teams are squaring off for the right to advance to the championship of the Loudwire region, with the victor eventually facing the champ of the Ultimate Classic Rock football league for the overall title. Vote for either Disturbed's Chicago Sickness or Slipknot's Iowa Maggots in the poll provided. And remember, you can vote up to once per hour through the deadline of Tuesday, Sept. 16 at 8AM ET. Click the button below to check out the next matchup.

Loudwire's Hard Rock Football League Bracket

Ultimate Classic Rock's Hard Rock Football League Bracket