DragonForce's speed metal mastery is definitely out of this world and guitarists Herman Li and Sam Totman get to show their skills while floating through outer space in a new Capital One Mobile App commercial.

In the promo, the fast-picking musicians are shown on top of an asteroid floating through space riffing away to their delight. Totman is the first to take out his cell phone and use the mobile app to do some online banking while Li takes the lead. Then it's Li's turn to pull up the Capital One app and complete his transaction while Totman rocks on. Given the fact that the commercial is only 30 seconds, the idea that both musicians are able to complete their transactions in that amount of time is a definite plus for those planning to use the app.

Aside from the music, there's actually very little wording within the promo, as the announcer declares, "The Capital One Mobile App lets you bank wherever, so you can keep doing what you're doing." The commercial fades out with a long shot of the two musicians floating through space on their giant rock.

DragonForce have spent much of 2012 promoting their latest album, 'The Power Within.' The disc is the group's first with new frontman Marc Hudson.

Watch DragonForce's Capital One Mobile App Commercial