Dream Theater had a massive 2013, releasing the critically acclaimed 'Dream Theater' album along with their 'Live at Luna Park' DVD. Dream Theater's grandiose live show was captured in the 'Luna Park' DVD, but what does the band have planned for their 2014 live experience? Guitarist John Petrucci told us all about it in an exclusive interview.

After getting Petrucci's reaction to Dream Theater nabbing their second Grammy Award nomination, the legendary prog shredder filled us in about Dream Theater's live plans for 2014. "We’re about to embark on a world tour. We just put out our self-titled album and for the last few months we’ve been preparing our production for that show," explains Petrucci. "So everything is full steam ahead as far as the tour and getting that underway; trying, again to put on a better show than we did last time all across the globe. That’s where our headspace is at right now. That’s our number one priority."

Petrucci continues, "You won’t see any falling chandeliers or anything. [Laughs] Obviously, first and foremost it’s about the music. If there wasn’t one single light on in the venue and you closed your eyes, hopefully it would sound really good. But having said that, this time we’re doing 'an evening with,' so we have more time to present a longer show. It’s not theatrical, there are no circus animals or trapezes or anything, but it will be visually interesting and stimulating and all completely tied in with the music. Again, we want to make it one big Dream Theater experience. When you enter the venue, you’re stepping into our world and we want to be able to transport people for a while. It might be a tall order, but that’s our goal on this tour and that’s why we’re calling it 'Along for the Ride.' We want to take people with us.

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