Although Dream Theater frontman James Labrie has gone on record saying that he doesn’t ever see a time when founding member and drummer Mike Portnoy would be invited to return to the band due to Mike Mangini becoming a permanent fixture, the possibility of Portnoy’s latest project the Winery Dogs and Dream Theater sharing a stage is an idea that  Dream Theater guitarist John Petrucci is open to.

After 25 years with the band, Portnoy left Dream Theater in 2010 and went on to play drums with Avenged Sevenfold, before starting Adrenaline Mob and Flying Colors. His most recent project is the Winery Dogs alongside bassist Billy Sheehan and guitarist and vocalist Richie Kotzen.

The Winery Dogs have been out on the road tearing things up and in a recent interview with Metalshrine, guitarist John Petrucci says that the thought of his band and the Winery Dogs playing on the same bill is not out of the question. “When you play with somebody for that long, I don't see that you would never see that person again,” Petrucci explained. “I can picture us playing a festival or something and we have history involved with all of our ex members. Sounds like a club!”

Confirming that there is no bad blood between the two camps, Petrucci continued, saying, “I think the best thing to do is keep that type of thing friendly. It's just the way to be in life, you know, but the next tour we're doing is just 'An Evening with Dream Theater,’ so there are no opening bands.”

So while the Winery Dogs won’t be opening up for Dream Theater on tour any time soon, don’t be surprised if you see them on the same bill at some point in the future!