Some days you're the bassist, other days you're the gimp. Such is life for Duff McKagan, the successful musician, author and financial guru, who recently made a surprise guest appearance as "The Gimp" during a Faith No More show in Los Angeles. But how exactly did he land the role? McKagan explained during an appearance on Huffington Post Live.

Those who've seen the band's shows know their knack for wearing white and also bringing out a "Gimp" character during their shows. And that plays into how McKagan ended up in the role.

"Their 'Gimp' guy got stuck in traffic or something like that," stated the bassist. "[Mike] Patton asked if I'd do the 'Gimp,' and I'd just gotten to the gig -- me and another friend. I'm wearing all black, and everybody else was wearing white. 'Cause they play in white, and everybody backstage, their crew, they all have white on."

McKagan says he attended the show with Alice in Chains' Jerry Cantrell, who had seen the previous night's performance and decided to dress in white like the band. "I picked him up [and said], 'What are you doing wearing all white?' He's like, 'Faith No More, white dude.' [I was like], 'Oh yeah, I blew it.' But being the only guy dressed in black, I was the instant Gimp."

Faith No More are currently in the midst of a U.S. tour, followed by plans to play Europe in late May and June. You can see all their upcoming tour dates here.

As for McKagan, he's currently on the promotional trail for his book, How to Be a Man (and Other Illusions). Check out a recent book excerpt that ran exclusively on Loudwire here where McKagan discusses life after Guns N' Roses and the launch of Walking Papers. The book arrives in stores today and is available here.

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