Dying Fetus, welcome to the Death Match Hall of Fame. Here you will be showered with gold, groupies and an endless gaggle of enslaved soldiers to slay at your desire.

The band's new track 'Subjected to a Beating' was able to beat out four other songs in a row, earning the status of immortality. Dying Fetus' first victory came at the expense of thrash legends Overkill and the track 'Wish You Were Dead' from their newest album, 'The Electric Age.' Dying Fetus then destroyed Max Cavalera and the rest of Soulfly, as 'World Scum' was literally 'Subjected to a Beating.'

Possibly the band's most impressive victory in their road to immortality was against deathcore giants Suicide Silence. After the underdog win over Suicide Silence, Dying Fetus committed their final act of violence (for now) against Kataklysm's 'Iron Will.'

Congrats to Dying Fetus and their track 'Subjected to a Beating,' which is now officially immortalized in our Death Match Hall of Fame. Next up in this week's Death Match, Swedish metal masters Arch Enemy take on death metal legend Chris Barnes and his band Six Feet Under.