From post-grunge rock stars to karaoke singers, people all over the world have been imitating Pearl Jam singer Eddie Vedder's pained growl since the turn of the '90s. Most people think that there's really only one true Vedder, but to those people, we point you to Javier Diaz.

Diaz was a contestant on the Chilean talent TV show 'Mi Nombre Es' ('My Name Is') this week and used the opportunity to impress the judges with his dead-ringer Vedder impression via the song 'Yellow Ledbetter.' Really, close your eyes and listen closely -- the pretty judge in the center does, later calling him "impactfully similar" to Vedder (according to the subtitles). It's really hard to perceive any difference at all between the Pearl Jam superstar and the unknown Chilean game show competitor.

Even with your eyes open, Diaz does a halfway decent job at playing the part, with his leather boots, knee-length cargo shorts and unbuttoned flannel shirt over a black T-shirt. Hide his face behind shoulder-length wavy hair, and he could definitely snag some mini-Snickers dressed as Vedder on Halloween.

"Imitating Eddie is very, very complicated," opines another judge, in a manner that says he may actually have some experience doing so. "Truth be told, you surprised me" (said the subtitles).

The third judge's vote: "Muy, muy bien!" (no subtitles needed).

Looks like Javier Diaz is going on to ... Seattle? Or wherever it is that Chilean talent show singers go when they make it past the first round. If nothing else, at least he's still alive.

Watch Javier Diaz Perform 'Yellow Leadbetter'