With the new self-titled Evanescence album due out on Oct.11, singer Amy Lee recently talked to Billboard about the writing process and what became of the original material that was written and then scrapped for this new album.

Fans will be happy to hear that the discarded music may still surface at some point, the songs just weren’t right for Evanescence this time around. Lee explained, “Some of the songs that we had at that time could maybe be a solo thing in the future. We really do have a lot of extra songs from that time and also songs that the band wrote together; we just wrote a ton in the past few years and especially in the last one year.”

While Lee mentioned a possible solo project, she followed up saying that her head and heart are totally focused on Evanescence right now so it’s not likely that we’ll be hearing the lost songs any time soon. But she does think they will resurface at some point. “I think it's totally possible that some of those songs will end up on different projects someday -- maybe solo, maybe something else," admits Lee.

What fans will get to hear on Oct. 11 is the collaborative effort between Lee and the rest of Evanescence.  According to Lee, “'Evanescence' is truly an Evanescence record now. It's got a lot of new attitude and new elements, but it's still us."

She continued to describe the writing process with her bandmates as beneficial to all of them, helping them really focus on the very heart of Evanescence and their sound. “At the heart of everything Evanescence is a rock band," she explains. "We needed all that power, the aggression of the guitarist and the drums.”

Judging from the songs we’ve heard so far, they definitely found their heart on this album. Read our review of the first single ‘What You Want’ here.