Evanescence have released another new song from their upcoming self-titled album, something they have been doing with a fair degree of regularity. The song 'The Other Side' is streaming here (after having done so via Hot Topic earlier this week) and the band once again includes the lyrics so you can play desktop karaoke and singalong! You are even invited to share them with your friends via Facebook and Twitter. Who needs trading cards when you can trade Evanescence lyrics!

The song has a crunchy, guitar-driven opening, creating and building tension from the get-go. It's more symphonic and has a more decidedly European rock sound than previously issued songs from this much anticipated third album, with Amy Lee's haunting, spine-chillingly beautiful voice wrapping around the bottom-heavy riffs. She is like a siren laying in wait, luring you in with her powerhouse voice. The bridge of the song is lead by a piano melody and Lee's voice, and it's enough to make your arm hair stand on end.

In the lyrics, Lee addresses someone who has crossed over the 'The Other Side,' singing, "I will always be waiting until the day I see you on the other side / Come and take me home." It's full of powerful and emotional lyrical declarations where it appears that Lee is addressing a broken relationship or someone who has left the earthly plane. It's certainly left open to interpretation.

Overall, 'The Other Side' once again ramps up our excitement for 'Evanescence,' which drops on Oct. 11.