When tragedy struck Japan back in March in the form of massive earthquakes and a tsunami that damaged significant portions of the country, many people felt the need to volunteer their time or donate money to help the cause. The extreme devastation also touched Evanescence singer Amy Lee in a very profound way -- it inspired her to pen a ballad titled 'Never Go Back' on the band’s upcoming self-titled third album.

“We were all just totally glued to paying attention to [the tragedy], all these incredibly heartbreaking images, and we just [thought], 'Wow,'" Lee tells MTV.com. "And I was thinking about it a lot. It was consuming my mind, and we were working on that song at the same time."

After working on the music with her bandmates during the day and the lyrics by herself at night, Lee decided that the natural disaster provided a unique emotional resonance perfect for capturing in song. "I was singing it to [my bandmates] in the car, and everyone was like, 'I got goose bumps,'" Lee explains. "I'm feeling this human connection with [the Japan tragedy]; obviously, I haven't experienced it, but it was cool to write about something a little bit outside myself, that isn't what I usually do. And I love that song."

The album, 'Evanescence,' is due in stores Oct. 11, while the disc's first single, ‘What You Want,’ recently hit the radio. Check out our review of the song and listen to the track here.