Evanescence hit the outdoor stage at 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' in Los Angeles for the episode that aired last night, performing their latest single 'What You Want' and the decidedly heavier 'Going Under,' which was released back in 2003. The mix of current and classic Evanescence certainly pleased the crowd.

The band's music is usually serious and symphonic, but was that a smile was saw cross Lee's face as she launched into 'What You Want?' Why yes, it sure was. Clearly, her break away from the band agreed with her and she got her mojo back while writing and recording this album. Now, that renewed vigor is spilling over into her live performances, as she was a ball of energy during the show. Evanescence starts and ends with Miss Amy Lee and she did not disappoint on 'Kimmel.'

Lee was also quite the eye magnet - we know, when isn't she?- with her all black, catsuit-like ensemble and the flowing attached ribbons! She was like a gothier version of Stevie Nicks! Her voice was its usual commanding self and the songs were perfectly suited for the night sky in Los Angeles. It's always good to see a darker, more dramatic band like Evanescenes perform when the sun has long gone down.

Watch Evanescence Perform 'What You Want'


Watch Evanescence Perform 'Going Under'