Toronto-based hard rockers Evans Blue are touring this summer to support their 2009 self-titled album, but the guys promised they’re knee-deep into new material. Speaking to Flint, Mich., active rock station Banana 101.5, the band explained they’re recording the new album piece by piece, and they’re hoping to have it out as early as December.

“We started recording drums before this tour -- about a month ago,” vocalist Dan Chandler said.

As for the sound, it’s dark: “It’s a lot heavier album,” Chandler said. “It’s a lot more energetic … I think it shows a lot of growth. So, the album is like our baby right now … we’re excited about it. It’s going to hopefully be out in December and have a single out in the next … couple of months … somewhere around there. It’s going good, though.”

If the album is anything like previous Evans Blue, expect a collection of vicious rock tracks with Chandler’s passionate, melodic vocals incrusted over intense rhythms.

Evans Blue’s single, “Erase My Scars,” hit No. 27 on Billboard’s mainstream rock tracks chart last year. Previous to that, the band’s 2005 track, “Cold (But I’m Still Here),” reached No. 8 on the same tally.