Everlit have started to break through as the summer of 2015 arrives. The Pennsylvania four piece of Ryan Panfil, Jordan Panfil, Jacob Castro and Anthony Mitchell just released their new Renovate EP, featuring the current single "Break Away." Loudwire had a chance to chat with the upstart rockers about their new disc and what the future holds. Check out the chat below.

Congrats on the Renovate EP. Did you have an idea of what you wanted to do going into recording and what are your thoughts on the disc now that it's complete?

Ryan Panfil: We’re very excited about how everything turned out. We can’t wait for it to be released to the public. Going into recording was a very different experience for us. It was our first time in the studio with both our guitarist Anthony and producer Taylor Larson. I think based off the recording, you can tell we had a good time and we’re real happy with the sound of all five songs.

On the EP, you mention working with Taylor Larson from First to Last as your producer. Can you talk about his contribution and does it make a difference having a producer who's in a band as opposed to someone who is strictly a producer only?

Jordan Panfil: Taylor is an awesome dude, a great guitarist, and has a natural talent for song writing. If we had worked with someone else, we’d definitely be talking about a different five-song EP for sure. All the songs were written in the studio from scratch so yeah; I think it definitely helps to have a guy that has the live band experience and the producer experience . . . The more on your side, the better.

Though new to many listeners, a good portion of the band has been together for over 12 years, dating back to high school. Can you talk about the development of the band since those early days and the first time you realized this band had what it took to go beyond just playing those local shows?

Jacob Castro: Well, the band Everlit technically formed last year in 2014, but before that Ryan, Jordan, and myself were all in a band called Willpowerless. Our long time guitarist left and we felt it was the right time to retire that name and start fresh. We picked up Anthony on guitar, changed our sound, rebranded, and started moving again.

Over the years we’ve developed a bunch. It’s fun to go back and listen to recordings from years ago to see the improvements. I don’t know if there was a definitive moment early on that stands out that we could go further than local stuff. We’re just all really good friends, have a passion for music, and really wanted to push for more. It feels really good to start seeing the hard work pay off.

As with most bands, the members each bring something different to the overall sound. What are your influences and is there anything we might be able to pick out within the sound of your more recent Renovate EP?

Anthony Michael: My influences are along the same lines of everyone else but I was always into bands like Finch and Story of the Year. I think on this recording, some of the things that stand out most to me are the vocal chants. I always loved those and really pushed to have a few included. They turned out really adding to the tracks.

Right off the bat, you've gotten some early love for the song "A Phoenix Will Rise." That's a very anthemic track. Can you talk about where that song came from and where the track was in terms of putting this disc together?

Ryan: Yeah the response for that track has been awesome, especially because we haven’t really even pushed it yet. “A Phoenix Will Rise” is definitely one of my favorite songs. It's basically about taking something good that you’ve done in the past, and using it’s momentum to build and further yourself. For us it’s about growing and leaving Willpowerless behind, but the lyrics are worded so that anyone can relate to it.

The song and video for "Break Away" are starting to garner you some attention. The video in particular has been doing well on our Battle Royale Video Countdown. First off, can you tell us about the track and what inspired this song about overcoming obstacles? And secondly, can you share your thoughts on the Mitch Martinez-directed video? Pretty interesting story concept.

Jordan: Being able to be a part of the Battle Royale up against some of our favorite bands is really cool. Our fans seem to be getting behind us as well to keep us in the fight each week, which is awesome.

The track is about being able to overcome something that is bringing you down in life. Whether it’s a friend who’s a bad influence, drug addiction, etc . . . everyone has their own battles to fight. “Break Away” was written to address that and make a powerful song about making a change.

In the video we did with Mitch, the storyline addresses a much broader range making it clear that the main character was holding himself down the whole time. When we read the storyline, we were all sold. Mitch did a great job and we can’t wait to shoot the next one with him.

In terms of the live show, these songs seem like great fits for the stage. Do you personally have a favorite song to play live at the moment and can you talk about why that song stands out to you?

Jacob: My favorite song off the EP is “Black Out.” It’s got such a great groove and awesome chorus. It hits hard and is a ton of fun to play on the drums. I can’t wait to write more tracks like it.

Having done this for a while and now seeing some attention, have you started to recognize more moments of fans latching onto the band and the music?

Anthony: Absolutely, the amount of new chatter we see everyday is pretty awesome to watch -- especially on Twitter. We’re getting new fans every day that message us and are thrilled that we answer them. I’d definitely say most of our buzz right now is through Twitter, so if there are fans that want to reach us, that’s the way to do it.

It may be too early to say, but do you see the direction of the Renovate EP carrying over to future music?

Ryan: I really hope so. We love the sound and one of the things I hate most is when I fall in love with a band for their sound and then the next album sounds nothing like it. We’re going to do our best to keep moving in this direction.

What's on the horizon for Everlit at this point?

Jordan: Right now we’re just shooting to support the EP with live tour dates and to keep writing. We already have a decent amount of tracks for the next recording session, which is cool. We just confirmed five dates with Otherwise in July so we’re excited to start getting out on the road. We’ll be announcing more supporting dates as they come in.

Many thanks for your time. All the best on the future and keep on rocking.

Thanks Chad! It was great catching up. Talk soon!

Be sure to check out Everlit's Renovate EP. It's currently available at Amazon and iTunes. And catch them on tour at the following stops.