As a teenager, Rex Brown cut his eye teeth as the bassist for Pantera. When the band broke up, he continued with vocalist Phil Anselmo in the group Down. Now, having left down because Anselmo was busy with too many projects, he is putting all of his efforts into Kill Devil Hill, his new band with ex-Black Sabbath drummer Vinny Appice, guitarist Mark Zavon and vocalist Dewey Bragg.

And, as he recently told Revolver, he's got no time for super-aggro vocals. "I hate hearing the grunt from every singer on the planet," Brown said. "It just gets old after a while. Dewey’s a really, really good singer, and that’s a part in our musical that’s continuously growing."

Appice reached out to Brown to take part in Kill Devil Hill and in January the band started jamming on songs that the rest of the band had already written. Every three weeks or so the musicians got together and jammed on the songs, which Brown said is exactly the kind of music he wants to play. "[It's] very heavy on the bottom end, very melodic on the top end–it’s perfect. Something I’ve been wanting for a while."

In addition to playing shows with Kill Devil Hill and working on their debut album, Brown has been busy co-writing his upcoming biography, ‘Official Truth, 101 Proof: The Inside Story of Pantera.’ Brown said that the book will explore his adventures in music and present his side of the Pantera saga.

"When all of that went down, I didn’t really talk about anything in the press," he said. "So this is my perspective on the whole bit. It’s about the good times, really, not the bad stuff, because that’s out there in the press, and it’s something I hate."

Hear a Clip of Kill Devil Hill's 'Time & Time Again' Demo