While Judas Priest fans are still missing the presence of longtime guitarist K.K. Downing since his departure from the band last April, Downing is moving into the next stage of his career which will now center around developing a multi-million dollar sporting complex that will include a luxury hotel with a spa, indoor swimming pool and restaurant in addition to his world class golf course.

Located in Shropshire, England, Downing is currently looking for investors interested in the 320-acre project. He’s got a pretty clear idea of what he wants to do, but now he needs some help, telling the Shropshire Star, “When it comes to the vision I know exactly what I want to do but once we develop the hotel and leisure side of things I’ll need to bring in professionals to run the operation because it’s impossible to do it on your own.”

Downing hopes his new venture will bring both jobs and tourists to the area, saying, “The aim is to be a flagship sports and leisure facility to seriously put Bridgnorth and the surrounding areas on the map, not just nationally but internationally.” A lofty goal but certainly one that we can all appreciate.

So with Judas Priest clearly in the rear view mirror, Downing is focusing all of his energy on this new venture, admitting, “I’m 60 years old now so I really want to get things completed – that’s always been the endgame.”

There's been speculation that the Astbury Hall golf course that Downing designed was a contributing factor to his retirement from Judas Priest, much to the surprise of his former bandmates, but Downing attributes his departure to simply not being entirely happy with his current situation. He cited no regrets and now it’s apparently onward and upward!