Exodus are throwing down the gauntlet with their new video for 'Blood In, Blood Out.' In this blood-splattered clip, Exodus show us their own version of 'Fight Club,' letting fans mosh and beat the hell out of each other with 'Blood In, Blood Out' as the centerpiece.

Exodus released their 10th studio album, 'Blood In, Blood Out' on Oct. 14, releasing the album's title track in late September to mass acclaim, though some fans still vocalized their preference of Paul Baloff or the recently-ousted singer Rob Dukes. Regardless, Steve 'Zetro' Souza brought some of his most ferocious vocal work ever to the recording of 'Blood In, Blood Out.'

The concept for the 'Blood In, Blood Out' is simple: Recruit a few dozen of the rowdiest metalheads you can find and let them mosh. On top of that, choreograph some blood-spurting brawls while each fan wears a white t-shirt, resulting in a GWAR-esque splatterfest.

“‘Blood In, Blood Out’ was exactly the kind of video we wanted and needed to make… unbridled energy, violence, blood and our Bay Area friends and family at the center of attention! Just as they should be,” states Exodus guitarist Gary Holt. “I hate making videos and this one was so much fun, I actually caught myself saying things I never would say before! ‘Let's run through it again!’”

Steve 'Zetro' Souza adds, “Typical and sheer violence, straight up aggressive and in your f--king face! Watching this video kind of reminds me of 'Fight Club,' but awesome action and awesome violence, perfect for the title track of the new Exodus album ‘Blood In, Blood Out’!”

“Directing this music video has been a pleasure. Having the task to find hundreds of metal heads to fill up a dark room with very limited time seemed like a tough task,” begins director Shan Dan Horan. “What I found however, was an overwhelming response from some of the most positive and energetic fans I've ever met. I feel honored to have played a small role in that. Old metalheads, young ones, to even a guy that showed up in his wheelchair. The fact of the matter is everyone was accepted and everyone picked up their brethren when they would fall in the pit. To me that's what ‘Blood In, Blood Out’ is about. While we all come from different backgrounds - once a metal head, always a metal head. That's something that stays in your blood.”

Exodus will soon embark on a U.S. tour with Slayer and Suicidal Tendencies. To see if the unholy trinity will be stopping by your town, click here. Also, be sure to pick up a copy of Exodus' 'Blood In, Blood Out.'

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