Falling in Reverse are winding down their 2015 touring in support of their latest album Just Like You and they recently made their New York City stop for a stellar show at PlayStation Theater.

With brand new members lead guitarist Christian Thompson and bassist Zakk Sandler helping to fill out the band, Falling in Reverse cranked out such fresh tunes “God, If You Are Above…,”  “Sexy Drug” and “Guillotine IV (The Final Chapter)” off of the brand new release Just Like You.  Frontman Ronnie Radke was a ball of energy and charisma as he made his way back and forth across the stage while belting out favorites, “Raised By Wolves,” “The Drug In Me Is You” and “I’m Not A Vampire” as well.

Falling in Reverse's fans are some of the most passionate and showed their exuberance throughout the night. From the beginning of the show, a young girl in the front row started having a nosebleed, but she held her ground front and center and sang her heart out as she held a collection of napkins to her nose. Bloody nose or not, when Falling in Reverse come to town it’s a party that’s not to be missed.

Attila, hailing from Hotlanta, certainly warmed things up as they took the stage beforehand with a forceful set. From the get go vocalist Chris “Fronz” Fronzak invited one fan to the front to tie his shoe which he noticed was untied after the first song. Fronzilla’s soft spoken charm onstage won the crowd over but he also has some serious talent on the mic, he can wrap his tongue around some speedy lyrics with swag one second while unleashing gutteral growls the next. Some may not be into the mixture of genres but this metalcore act is unlike any other band out there right now.  A member of Long Island band Kissing Candice also made an appearance onstage during Attila’s set.

The group toured throughout the year in support of their latest album Guilty Pleasure.  Attila’s dynamic presence is undeniable and the performances are infectious and every time they come to town.

Metro Station and Assuming We Survive both delivered energetic sets as they provided as support for the night. Check out our gallery above of all of the bands performing at PlayStation Theater in New York City.