Loudwire caught up with Falling in Reverse frontman (and former Escape the Fate singer) Ronnie Radke at the Rock on the Range Festival in Columbus, Ohio earlier today (May 19).

Radke shared his candid thoughts on his old band and declared that he'd have no problem playing on the same stage, right after his former band's set at this year’s ROTR. Falling in Reverse are set to play a few more large festivals in the States before embarking on Warped Tour 2012; go here for a full list of dates.

You guys gained a pretty big following right away, how did that happen?

I think it’s from my past. The truth is I made a really good record with my first band and then the controversy sustained me until I got out – like an ice capsule kind of thing. That’s what I believe.

Your old band is here this weekend too. Are you guys on different days by design because I know you don’t have the best...

...I don’t know. I didn’t set that up. I would rather put us on the same stage, one right after another.

Are things still pretty rocky between you guys?

I just don’t like that they call themselves Escape the Fate when there’s one original member.

You feel like that was your band and they shouldn’t be able to use that name.

I feel it’s disrespectful - the new music that they play, that’s not what that band was about. That s---’s...like off in left field, compared to what that vision was.

Any bands that you're excited to see at Rock on the Range?

Escape the Fate [laughs]. I can't wait to see them. It would be kind of funny to stand on the side of the stage [and watch them] ... Every time they look back, be kinda laughing at them. That'd be kinda weird.

Interview by Tree Riddle