If 2012 is any indication for Falling in Reverse's future, then 2013 should be one hell of a year. They've had much success with their debut album ‘The Drug In Me Is You,’ not to mention playing main stage of last year’s Warped Tour and headlining 2012 U.S. tour of their own. There's no stopping Falling in Reverse as they recently announced a 2013 trek with Hollywood Undead.

Loudwire caught up with frontman Ronnie Radke and guitarist Jacky Vincent recently and the two spoke all about being out on the road, the band’s success, interesting incidents with their devoted fans and much more.

We caught you guys on Warped Tour this past summer. Do you prefer those big festivals or smaller venue shows?

Jacky Vincent: I like them both but if I’m doing a lot of festival shows like Warped Tour I do like a day off. Haflway through the tour we went and played a one off show and it was awesome to be in a club setting so I like mixing it up.

Ronnie Radke: I like the [club] tour because [our] shows are in bigger venues [now] and it’s starting to look like Warped Tour crowds and we’re headlining it. I like this environment because it’s more focused on us as opposed to a whole bunch of people.

What is one place (country/city/venue) you would love to perform in that you haven’t gotten the chance perform in yet?

RR: I want to go to the UK, which is being worked out, I want to go to Australia, I want to go around the world – we will, it’ll happen.

What are some things you love about touring and things you dislike about being on the road?

JV: I miss my bed.

RR: I love everything about being on the road except stupid people.

Your music videos are very entertaining; who is the mastermind behind those?

RR: I pretty much put it all – it’s me and my label, the label chimes in a lot as well. The owner of my label, Brett, me and him feed off of each other and it turns into the funny, comedic thing.

How was the experience of shooting ‘Good Girls Bad Guys’?

JV: It was cool, I had to play the song on the roof so I had to climb on the roof and do that scene. It was hard to keep a straight face, it was fun, all the videos have been fun. It sounds really stupid right now but every time we do a video I have to get up super early [Laughs] so I never really remember the process of making the videos.

Funniest thing that a fan has done or said to you thus far?

JV: There’s been so many things. One kid was drunk and ran onto the bus and said he worked for the venue [Laughs] just because he wanted to meet us.

RR: A girl made a sign in Utah and it said "Let me suck your d--k." She took time out of her day to go to Walmart, get posterboard and a marker and make block letters, not little block letters. She was probably like 17, too young. I don’t know how she snuck that out of her house, unless her parents don’t care.

JV: Her dad was like “Go get ‘em.”

Even though you're touring in support of your debut album, what’s the progress on new material?

RR:  Let’s just say people are going to be floored when they hear it, they’re going to lose their mind. There’s no explanation that can describe the best unless you hear it.

When you get to settle down and enjoy financial part of your success, what is your favorite thing to splurge on?

RR: Cars, I’m going to buy a Bentley, I have an Escalade and he likes guitars – no pun intended, he has like ten guitars.

JV: Yeah but I don’t pay for them. Yeah I’m just, I’m a hoarder.

RR: I like clothes and shoes , I like going shopping – I’m a dude but I love shoes. I’m obsessed with shopping – I have a problem, a genuine problem, it’s a lot better than a lot of problems I could have. I buy clothes and video games – I actual just went to Trash & Vaudeville [in New York City] and got a whole bunch of clothes earlier.