Ooh-wah-ah-ah-ah! Today (March 13) marks the 39th birthday of Disturbed singer David Draiman. Although the band is currently on hiatus, we can still celebrate the heavy metal frontman's special day.

With the addition of Draiman to the lineup of Chicago rock band Brawl, the group decided to change their name to Disturbed as a comment about "the level of conformity that people are forced into." The band released their debut album, 'The Sickness,' in 2000. The disc went on to sell four million copies, spearheaded by the singles 'Stupify' and 'Down with the Sickness.'

Disturbed had another monster album in 2002's 'Believe.' Having sold over two million copies, the album featured more radio hits such as 'Prayer' and 'Liberate.' The band continued to make waves with the platinum-selling 'Ten Thousand Fists' and 'Indestructible' as well as the 2010 gold-selling release 'Asylum.'

So, in honor of Draiman's birthday, we want to know which Disturbed song is your favorite. And, in tribute to Draiman's all-caps Tweets, we want to say: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAVID DRAIMAN!