It was March 22, 1982, when one of the greatest and most influential heavy metal albums ever was released upon the world. After the departure of Pail Di'Anno, 23-year-old Bruce Dickinson was recruited to front Iron Maiden and make his first album with the band, 'Number of the Beast.'

'Number of the Beast' was a huge success, being certified platinum in the U.S. and reaching the No. 1 spot on the U.K. albums chart. Dickinson gave the already established band a new edge with his soaring vocals and ear-splitting shrieks, which gave Dickinson the nickname 'The Air Raid Siren.'

The 1982 Maiden release consists of metal classics such as 'Number of the Beast,' 'Run to the Hills' and the epic 'Hallowed Be Thy Name,' which is currently one of the tracks competing in our March Metal Madness competition.

To celebrate this iconic album, we want to know which track from 'Number of the Beast' is your all-time favorite. Check out the poll below to vote for your No. 1 track and remember -- "Let him who hath understanding reckon the Number of the Beast, for it is a human number. Its number is six-hundred and sixty-six."