On May 15, 1987, Motley Crue revved things up once again, focusing primarily on the excesses they enjoyed at the height of their fame in song. The disc churned out several hard-rocking favorites and we're asking you in this Readers Poll to tell us which song off this classic album is your favorite.

There was the title track off the disc, a stripper anthem if there ever was one, with the band referencing all of their favorite clubs from around the world. And if that wasn't wild enough, the album also featured the aggressive rock and mid-song sway of the album opener, 'Wild Side.' 'You're All I Need,' a mid-tempo rocker with piano, also got some attention, though maybe not as much as it deserved as the song's video was banned by certain outlets. And, just for fun, the group closed out the album with a rocking live version of the Elvis Presley classic, 'Jailhouse Rock.'

The album shot all the way to No. 2 back in 1987, held off only by pop superstar Whitney Houston, but that didn't matter for '80s-era metalheads who had the album jammed firmly in their cassette and CD players throughout the year. The disc would go on to reach quadruple platinum status for Motley Crue.

So, take a look at the track listing in the Readers Poll below and tell us which song off of the Motley Crue 'Girls Girls Girls' album was your favorite: