Following the somewhat disappointing 1995 album  'One Hot Minute,' Red Hot Chili Peppers were in need of a creative rebound. That disc found the band teaming with guitarist Dave Navarro, but what looked good on paper didn't quite pan out. Fortunately, then former axeman John Frusciante re-entered the picture, and on June 8, 1999, the band released the stellar album 'Californication.'

Hits such as 'Scar Tissue,' 'Around the World,' 'Otherside' and the title track firmly re-established the Chili Peppers as one of rock's top bands and proved to be the springboard for a series of successful albums to follow.

We want to reflect on this pivotal disc in the band's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame career and have you tell us which song is your favorite off of 'Californication' by voting in the poll below: