May 25 marks the anniversary of Sublime frontman Bradley Nowell's death. Nowell struggled with heroin addiction for many years and ultimately lost his battle after overdosing in 1996. Although he met with a tragic end, Nowell has remained a rock icon through his soulful music.

Sublime formed in Long Beach, Calif., in 1988 and released their first studio album, '40oz. to Freedom' in 1992. The record features classic Sublime tracks 'Badfish,' 'Date Rape' and a legendary version of the Toyes track 'Smoke Two Joints.' The album has since sold over 2 million copies, making it one of the most successful independent releases in history.

The band's second full-length, 'Robbin' the Hood,' was an experimental collage of Sublime's music mixed with samples and partial covers of tunes by other musicians such as Eazy-E, Steely Dan and Mudhoney. Sublime released no singles from the disc, but it yielded the classics 'Pool Shark' and 'Saw Red.'

Sublime released their third, self-titled album only two months after the death of Nowell, and it became the band's most successful work. Having sold over 5 million copies, the essential album contains the hits 'What I Got,' 'Wrong Way,' 'April 29, 1992 (Miami)' and 'Santeria.'

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