Tom Morello is one of the most prolific rock guitarists of all time. To honor the 48th birthday (May 30) of the man who has thrown down bombastic riffs for Rage Against the Machine, Audioslave and folky ballads as The Nightwatchman -- we're asking which album of Morello's is your favorite.

Morello has one of the most identifiable playing styles of all time; you can hear just seconds of one of his riffs or spaced out guitar solos and know immediately that it could be only him.

With Rage Against the Machine, and later Street Sweeper Social Club, he acted as both the provider of hard rock riffage and the DJ -- emulating turntables with his guitar. In Audioslave, he continued supplying his signature brand of ass-kickery, but was also able to incorporate more soulful ballads and slower numbers. Slowing things down and going unplugged is an idea he continues to explore with his rebellious folk alter-ego, The Nightwatchman.

During his 20-plus years of success in the industry, Morello has crafted an impressive body of work with several different bands. He has also been included on just about every "Best Guitarist" list that's been done since the mid-'90s. Now that it's well established that Mr. Morello is firmly placed in the upper echelon of rock guitar, we're here to find out which album from the Morello back catalog you like best.

Beginning with his early days in the short-lived glam metal outfit Lock Up, there have been 12 full-length studio albums that feature Morello's choice guitar work. Place your vote below for which of those albums is your fave.