In a new interview with Tee Roy of Rock 96.7 in Casper, Wyo., Five Finger Death Punch drummer Jeremy Spencer talks all about touring, the band's latest album ‘American Capitalist,’ touring and frontman Ivan Moody’s role in the film ‘Devil’s Carnival.’

After finishing up their very successful headlining stint on the 'Share the Welt’ tour, 5FDP are heading back on tour with Soulfly this year; for dates, go here.

Stickman Jeremy Spencer talks about staying healthy during the band’s time off. “You know on the road, people get caught up in the debauchery of the life style, me included. But when were home we try to recharge and get ready to go back out and tear it up. It’s almost like you have to treat it like you’re an athlete. Because we are playing pretty intense music, and it’s pretty demanding, so you really have to be in the best possible physical shape.”

Spencer also tells Rock 96.7 about the possibly of following in the footsteps of 5FDP singer Ivan Moody by delving into acting. “He says it was a lot of fun, he’s really loved the acting and so have I. We’ve talked about maybe doing a movie together at some point. But I’m thrilled for Ivan, he’s a natural actor, he’s great. Really born to be on the screen, his energy, he’s a natural born character.”

He goes on talk about the band's latest album ‘American Capitalist,’ saying, “Well you know we try not to do anything that’s really left field. That is unless we’re really trying to go after something like that. We have a loyal fan base, and the band has really figured out what our “sound” is.”

For Tee Roy’s full interview with Jeremy Spencer of Fiver Finger Death Punch, check out Rock 96.7.